Author Guidelines

  1. The manuscripts should be the original work either as a research or reference studies which have never been published in any form of publication.
  2. Manuscript accepted is written in standard English and written referring to the TEMPLATE [DOWNLOAD]
  3. The manuscript must be in *.doc, and sent to the International Conference system via online submission by creating an account in this Open Journal System (OJS) [click REGISTER if you have not had any account yet, or click LOG IN if you have already had an account] or you can send it by email:
  4. All Author(s)' names and identity(es) must be completely embedded by the corresponding author: email and affiliation.
  5. The article writing format, explained as follows:
    1. The title of the manuscript should be no more than 12 words, accurately describe the content
    2. Authors (and co-authors) names are written below the title of the manuscript, without including their titles or degrees
    3. Authors’ affiliations are written below the names; email of the corresponding author is written below the affiliations
    4. The abstract consists of 150-200 words written in a single paragraph. It should be clear, informative, descriptive, and provide a clear statement of the problem, the proposed approach or solution, and point out major findings and conclusions
    5. Keywords consist of 3-5 words or phrases which are important, specific or representative to the article.
    6. The introduction should provide a clear background, a clear statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject, the proposed approach or solution, the new value of research and end with the purpose of the study.
    7. The method includes research chronological, including research design, research procedures, instruments, and analysis techniques used in solving problems.
    8. Results and Discussion should be an objective description of the results and should be in relation to the purposes of research.
    9. References should at least consist of 15 most pertinent and up-to-date sources. 60% of the references (at least 10 must be from reputable international journals published in less than 5 years.

Keynote Speakers

Hsiu-Ching Laura HSIEH, Ph.D.
Departement of Creative Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Taiwan

Assoc. Professor Hashim
Universiti Technologi Mara Malaysia

Ir. Budi Wibowotomo, M.Si., Ph.D.
Universitas Negeri Malang,Indonesia