Call For Papers

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Creativity and Innovation on Home Economics Toward 4.0 Industrial Revolution

The evolution of industry is reaching its current peak by emergence of the latest or fourth generation of industrial revolution (4.0), marked by advanced digital technology. It has impacted on human life throughout the world, in term of encourages automation systems in human activities and results major changes in the world of business and entrepreneurship. There are 4 important things as the characteristics of the RI 4.0 era, namely critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

As introducing and practicing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in recent years, Indonesia focused on five manufacturing sectors, that is food and beverage industry, textile and clothing, automotive, chemical, and electronics industry. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has the potential to increase the level of global income, improve the quality of life for the people of the world, and increase efficiency and productivity.

We welcome lecturers, researchers, practitioners, teachers, undergraduate and post-graduate students to present their research projects either by oral or poster presentations. The committee also cordially invites other relevant participants to share their projects for publication. We receive research works in the area of Quality Education; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Responsible Consumption and Production; as well as Social Science in Home Economics. Submitted manuscript has to be original and not been published whole or partially elsewhere. All submitted manuscripts will be subject to evaluate, objective, and fair review by the editors. The author of accepted papers should be attended and presented their manuscripts in the day of conference for requirement publishing in the conference proceedings.

Quality Education
  1. Education Technology on Apparel Culinary, Nutrition, and Fashion;
  2. Smart Learning in Fashion, Beauty and Culinary;
  3. Teaching and Teacher in Fashion, Beauty, and Culinary;
  4. Beauty and Culinary Education and Training;

Industry and Innovation in Culinary
1) Culinary Art, Science and Technology Advancement;
2) Food Biotechnology;
3) Technology of Food Processing and Preservations;
4) Nutritional Science, Public Health, Technology of Functional Food and Bioactive Factors
5) Food Safety and Hygiene;
Industry and Innovation in Fashion
1) Fashion Product Development and Technology (including Clothing and Fiber Science)
2) Fashion Industry and Supply Chain (including Garment Industry and Engineering, Fabric Technology)
3) Technology in Fashion Design
4) Creative Industry and Innovation in Fashion Field
5) Fashion Business and Management (including Consument Behaviour and Labor Market Outcomes)
Industry and Innovation in Beauty
1) Perfumery and Cosmetic Sciences;
2) Cosmetic Product Development and Technology
3) Technology of Skin Nutrition and Anti-aging Medicine;
4) Technology in Health and Beauty Treatment;
5) Apparel and Cosmetology; Gender, Stereotypes, and Body Image; Miscellaneous
1) Science and Technology in Halal Food and Cosmetics
2) Trend and Trendsetters in Fashion and Beauty Treatments
3) Development of Science in Ethics and Aesthetics in Food, Fashion, and Beauty
4) Entrepreneurship Engineering in Food;
5) Development of Science in Food Habits and Its Impact on Gender Equality, Food Taboos for Woman and Children;